Dear Evil Chinese Communists,

Please Stab your Russian "partner" in the back. No one will complain! The harder the better.



Evil Murrican Crapitalists

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It is notable that Professor Zhao has made no mention whatsoever about a number of overtly hostile gestures by the US towards China including, but not limited to:

1) Sanctioning of Chinese government officials

2) Literal personal insults directed by Biden at Xi Jinping

3) Overt embargoes publicly directed at impeding China's economic progress starting with Huawei and now extending to chip making equipment, high end chips and more.

Note that the first 2 examples are not reciprocated by China, and that for the 3rd - the embargoes noted therein, many preceded the sanctions by China that are mentioned.

As such, it is difficult to treat Professor Zhao's speech as being objective in content or purpose.

Is Professor Zhao truly a Honest Broker or a catspaw for pro-American policies?

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